Digital Catalog

Bring Your Catalog to Life

Skava's Digital Catalog solution enables you to engage, convert and retain customers by converting your print catalog into an interactive, digital experience. Our pre-built digital application offering provides a simple and fun way for your shoppers to browse through your latest products and make purchases instantly, enabling you to increase product and brand awareness to ultimately, sell more.

Expand Your Commerce Reach

Reach more customers by seamlessly integrating your digital catalog into your existing website across mobile, desktop, tablet, and in-store channels. Shoppers can access your digital catalog from any device,add items to their wishlist, share items or catalog via social and email, and make purchases with our simplified, one-click checkout option. With search and merchandising capabilities such as sort and filter, your shoppers will quickly and easily find the items they're looking for, ultimately boosting your revenue.

Personalize Shopper Experience

While print catalogs are constrained to have the same content for everybody, you can quickly create a digital catalog personalized to every shopper. With access to SkavaSTUDIO, you can leverage our prebuilt, commerce-enabled widgets and templates to customize any page, theme, or style that is aligned with your brand image. Your business and marketing teams can easily make quick updates and changes such as swapping an image, scheduling a promotion, or even adding a new page, so your customers are always viewing content in a timely manner.