Cart & Checkout

Optimize Checkout to Maximize Conversions

Skava's Cart and Checkout is an award-winning, pluggable, secure cart and checkout microservice that eliminates e-commerce friction and optimizes the flow to reduce cart abandonment rates while increasing conversions. Deliver a persistent omni-channel experience for both guest and registered users to access their cart from any channel and share via email and social.

Single Tap Checkout

Our built-in, smart form designer helps eliminate purchase barriers by only using 5-8 fields on the checkout form. Skava's Cart and Checkout lets your customers autofill saved information, verify customer addresses, add loyalty and promotional codes, calculate tax, and checkout with a single tap to maintain a smooth and quick payment flow.

Easy and Secure Integration

While our checkout services are easy to use and implement, our exposed APIs for these services allow you to easily and securely integrate Skava's Cart and Checkout into your OMS, CRM, and Big Data systems. Cart and Checkout supports all forms of payment and security providers such as Apple Pay, Fraud Protection, and Tax Cloud.