Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Companies looking to build strong and modern digital foundations for the next two decades of business transformation are caught between buying large legacy platforms or building a new platform from scratch. Both are not very appealing options.

To address this Skava has introduced a first of its kind "Build Your Own Platform" (BYOP) offering in the industry. By using the Skava Commerce platform as the base platform framework, our clients can take the pre-built microservices and digital applications that they are interested in, and then they can build their own new microservices and digital applications which are differentiated and specific to their unique business processes and needs.

Get a Head Start on the Competition

The Skava Commerce platform has a forward thinking microservices architecture, is cloud based with big data features and is informed by our industry leading mobile expertise. This ensures that if you choose to build your digital platform using Skava Commerce as a foundation, you will be way ahead of your competition in digital capabilities.

The Skava platform's integration capabilities allow you to insert the Skava platform in to your existing technology stack and then slowly migrate your legacy capabilities into modern microservices on the Skava platform and over time phase out your legacy platform.

Your Developers will Love Us

The Skava tech stack is built upon industry standard open technologies, making it fast and easy for your dev teams to utilize our platform and be able to quickly get up to speed in working on our platform. We have built Dev Ops tooling and Cloud Infra management capabilities to simplify the build and deploy process.

Our platform already powers over $1.5 Billion in e-commerce every year and has been built to handle peak Black Friday traffic for some of the largest retailers. We have strong security features (PCI Level 1) and on-demand scaling capabilities to handle the most demanding workloads and traffic. We would be happy to arrange a tech-to-tech conversation for your engineering leadership with our platform team. Please contact us for more details.

Source Code License

We understand that some of our clients may want complete control and ownership on their digital future to the extent of requiring source code access to the underlying Skava Commerce platform. We are happy to provide a source code license at the full platform level as well as at an individual microservice and digital application level. This allows our clients to do a mix and match of binary and source licenses to allow them to only pay for what they truly need.

Please contact us to learn more about our Source Code License option.