are the future
Find out why in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce
Find out why in the 2018
Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce
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Modular. Flexible.
Skava Commerce.
2018 Critical Capabilities
for Digital Commerce
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Amazon, Netflix, eBay, Twitter and PayPal, all have evolved from monolithic to microservices architecture. Learn why ecommerce leaders are shifting to microservices.
Companies must abandon their enterprise architecture practices of the past and adopt new ones that enable perpetual evolution in their digital business processes.- McKinsey & Company
Shift to Microservices
With microservices you can create an architecture ecosystem that allows you to change all the time.- Accenture
Commerce is moving at a lightning speed. Many companies are invested into monolith applications, built as a single, autonomous unit. Modifications are slow, expensive, and resource heavy.
Microservices architecture offers an alternative. Encapsulating individual commerce functionalities, they allow you to launch each capability to market quickly, keep up with changing demands, and easily adapt to change.
Leading with Results
99.5% availability during 2017. Zero downtime during black Friday in past five years.
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Skava supports 5 out of the 8 leader department stores' ecommerce capabilities.
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Served over 38,000 concurrent users in peak times without a glitch.
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